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Goats & Roses (2024)


50min   |   English   

Produced by: Mitch Ouimette

Directed by: Jared Dorcas


"A Conservationist's Journey: The Woman Who Saved the Icelandic Goat" is a compelling 40-minute documentary that chronicles the remarkable story of Jóhanna Þorvaldsdóttir, a dedicated conservationist who became the saviour of the Icelandic goat breed. Against the backdrop of Iceland's stunning landscapes, the film follows Jóhanna's journey to save the breed from extinction.

Introduced as a vital part of Iceland's agricultural heritage brought by the Vikings 1200 years ago, the Icelandic goat faced near-extinction in the late 20th century. Jóhanna, driven by her love for her homeland and its traditions, emerged as its unlikely champion. With limited resources but unwavering dedication, she embarked on a mission to save the breed from vanishing forever, addressing issues of inbreeding and sustainability.

The documentary showcases Jóhanna's journey across Iceland's rugged countryside, highlighting her challenges, including bureaucratic hurdles and financial constraints. Through interviews and stunning visuals, the film explores the grassroots movement that formed around Jóhanna's mission, uniting people from all walks of life to preserve this unique heritage.

"A Conservationist's Journey" is a testament to the power of passion, community, and the enduring value of preserving cultural and natural heritage, telling the inspirational story of a woman who refused to let a cherished piece of her nation's identity disappear.

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